We get lots of questions regarding photo shoots, hopefully this covers most questions we get asked.

Of course, if we’ve missed anything, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Cake Smash Tips

Just a few things about cake smashes!
If you’re not going to be in the photos, dress in scruffs, as your child will never need a cuddle more than when they’re covered in cake!
They also tend to be teething around this age. If they’ve been a bit gripey the last few days, give them some Calpol or teething powder before you come over to a new environment, plus not feeling great doesn’t make for good photos!
If you’re wanting some bath photos at the end, bring a towel and maybe a favourite (little) bath toy. Cake smashes seem to be very overwhelming for little ones. I do put aside 2 hours for a cake smash, as some children take longer to settle than others. A good cake smash will take 45 minutes to an hour, and that’s with lots of photos. Also, I like to give the child time to settle and explore, so don’t feel panicked or rushed if they don’t want to start straight away, as they’ll pick up on that. I’m not in a rush, I promise!
I do also suggest when possible that only parents (or 2 people) come to the cake smash. It’s a small studio and gets warm quickly. If siblings are coming for photos, we will do them first and then one parent can take them in the garden or the park if possible to reduce the amount of bodies in the studio!
With it getting warm in there, make sure you bring them a drink. Making mess and eating cake can be thirsty work !
If they have a favourite snack/food, please bring it along. I am finding more regularly that the children don’t like to eat the cake. We can hide snacks in the cake to make it look like they are eating it.
And one final tip… let the child lead the cake smash. Numerous times now, parents have got involved by rubbing cake on their child’s face.  Face-planting them into the cake, sitting them on the cake, and in every situation this has just led to a very upset child and spoiled the rest of the session. I will tell you how to encourage your child if they aren’t showing willing. A lot to take in, but they are all golden nuggets of information! You’ll be surprised at how unwilling a kid is to get messy and eat cake when you want them to.

Newborn Shoot Tips

I always set around 2 hours aside for newborn shoots. This is so no one is feeling rushed or stressed. 
If baby is cooperating, I expect the shoot to take around 45 minutes.
I will ask permission to attempt to soothe the baby if they are unsettled, sometimes as they are so new they just want Mum. I have children of my own and worked in childcare settings most of my life, so I am no stranger to babies and their quirks. 
Please bring an extra bottle with you if you are bottle feeding. The studio has to be kept very warm for tiny ones, and they can need an extra bit of fluid. If you wish for privacy when breastfeeding, please just ask, I will offer to leave at the time also. If you would like me to capture feeding photos (of any type, no judgement here!) please just let me know.
Don’t forget nappies (has happened!) 
Feel free to bring any special items/outfits you would like in the photos, they are your photos, I would like them to be as unique to you as possible.
If siblings are coming along. I will always aim to do these photos first, I do ask that you bring plenty of quiet entertainment/refreshments/bribes if you would like them to stay in the studio. Or if another adult can come along, then they are welcome to take them out for a walk once they’ve had their turn.

Downloading Images

Images can be downloaded one of 2 ways.
1 – Individually by using the down arrow in the corner of each image
2- The full gallery by using the ‘download all’ option at the top of the page. This will download a ‘zip’ file. Once downloaded, you need to go into the album and choose ‘extract all’ to ‘unzip’ them.
I will have told you your file size when sending the gallery information. Professional images are large file sizes. Please check the available storage on your device, as you may not have enough space for all the images. If this is the case, you’re welcome to order a USB from me at the cost of £15. The gallery will expire after 1 month (slightly longer for weddings) I will send a reminder when it is due to expire.
Once it has been removed, there is a £5 admin charge to reupload it.

Placing Orders

To place an order, please click on the trolley icon in the corner of the image, it will then present you with a drop-down list of what you would like. I am able to order other items, so please message me if there is something you would like that isn’t on the list.

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